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Hayes Permar

What does Hayes like about sports? Walk offs, walkovers, walk ups, walk outs, walks, Ewoks, “Walk Like A Man” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. He is from Wake County and dropped out of Davidson, UNC and NC State, jumps on whatever in-state bandwagon is currently tracking towards a championship and has a favorite team but pretends he doesn’t for journalistic purposes.

UNC Loses (clip & save this headline for future use)


Won Won: Notre Dame thumped UNC 33-10 Why: UNC didn’t register a first down in its first 5 possessions. The tone stuck. GIF: things are going from bad to worse for the Heels What are people talking about: Always the injuries. Today it was a punter (not a joke) and a safety who were hurt during the game. What… Read more »

Miami’s D Stuffs Duke


Who won? Miami’s D Stuffs Duke, 31-6. How? Duke’s offense scraped out two field goals. And that was about it. Otherwise, it would’ve been 31-0. GIF: It was bad right out of the gate for Duke, unfortunately. What are people talking about? Miami’s defense was stifling. They were fast and in Duke’s face from start… Read more »

Pack Pummels Paladins


Who won? NC State defeated Furman 49-16. Why? NC State plays FBS football while Furman plays FCS. You do the math. GIF What People Are Talking About? *yawn* They won like they ought to have won. What People Should Be Talking About? The same problems we’ve seen so far with NC State this season persisted… Read more »