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Much like Darren Rovell pioneered the “sports biz” industry and almost as beloved, the Weather Moose has blazed new trails in both “sports meteorology” and “moose meteorology.” He is become the trusted source in North Carolina for the answer to all-important question: Is my tailgate going to get rained on. He has also affirmed the credo that a picture is worth 1,000 words but a gif is worth infinity. He’s also a State fan from Johnston County who went to State.

Giftastic Recap of UNC COI Hearing Reactions


UNC started the final processes of its long journey down the road of NCAA violations over the last couple of days. Their crew sat in front of the Committee on Infractions and hashed out their side of the story against the Enforcement office. We don’t know what was said since it was a closed door… Read more »

Giftastic ACC Preseason Football Predictions


Here are our Giftastic ACC Preseason Football Predictions. Hope you enjoy them. For complaints, email Weather Moose! COASTAL: 1. GEORGIA TECH There has been an ACC Championship game between the divisions since 2005. And since 2005, the Coastal Division representative has either been Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech. VT six times and GT 4 times…. Read more »

Let’s Check In On NC State Basketball


Let’s check in on NC State basketball as they embark on a new era, shall we? So, NC State fired Mark Gottfried on Feb 16, 2017 and State fans spent a month fending off national commentary on how the job is terrible: NC State hired Kevin Keatts on Mar 17, 2017…: …and it was roundly… Read more »

Giftastic Rankings of Caps Stanley Cups

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Everyone has been taking turns cracking on the Washington Capitals and their recent playoff futility. To perk the team and fans up, we’ve decided to put together Giftastic Rankings of Caps Stanley Cups. 1. 1998 Let’s start with the best. The only Stanley Cup finals appearance for the Caps came in 1998. They’d basically breezed… Read more »



PHOTO GALLERY: UNC vs Butler Check out these awesome shots from UNC’s Sweet 16 win over Butler! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]  Shots courtesy of Smith Hardy