ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings 3-8-2019


Not a lot of movement, really, but NC State continues to slide. FSU is in the 3rd spot? Pitt is doing a bad this year. Here are the ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings 3-8-2019!

1. Virginia
W vs Pitt, W @ Syracuse

Don’t slip up and blow your wad against Louisville…

2. UNC
W @ Clemson, W @ Boston College

UNC, when hearing Zion likely wouldn’t play in the finale…

3. Florida State
W vs NC State, W vs Virginia Tech

FSU is…very good?

4. Duke
W vs Miami, W vs Wake Forest

Jack White, near the end of the Wake game after almost giving it away…

5. Virginia Tech
L @ Florida State

I feel like you guys aren’t showing us the real you.

6. Clemson
L vs North Carolina, W @ Notre Dame

Your last 3 wins have come against the dregs of the league, really bogs down the momentum on making the tourney.

7. Louisville
W vs Notre Dame

Good luck at Virginia.

8. Georgia Tech
W vs Boston College, W @ NC State

Josh Pastner, after beating NC State on the road…

9. Boston College
W @ Georgia Tech, L vs North Carolina

Have lost 4 of your last 5, but you get fading NC State at home to close it out!

10. NC State
L @ Florida State, L vs Georgia Tech

NC State climbing to a NCAA bid and then losing to Georgia Tech…

11. Syracuse
W @ Wake Forest, L vs Virginia

First half of the schedule started so well and then things took a turn.

12. Miami
L @ Duke, W vs Pitt

Worst loss of Larranaga’s tenure…

13. Wake Forest
L vs Syracuse, L @ Duke

If that at Duke had gone in only to be waved off…

14. Notre Dame
L @ Louisville, L vs Clemson

Close out the season against Pitt this weekend. Should be riveting.

15. Pitt
L @ Virginia, L @ Miami

Just when you think Pitt is going to turn a corner…