Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings 1/23/18


1. Duke, 17-2, 5-2
W vs Pitt

Feeling themselves a little bit with the Zion commitment and absolutely demolished Pitt.

2. Virginia, 18-1, 7-0
W vs Wake Forest

“How come we’re ranked below Duke when we’re undefeated in conference?”

3. Louisville, 15-4, 5-1
W vs Boston College

*whispers* Louisville’s conference opponents are 17-25 in the ACC thus far.

4. Clemson, 16-3, 5-2
W vs Notre Dame

After they beat Notre Dame, they lost Grantham and were blitzed in the Zion sweepstakes. Welp.

5. UNC, 16-5, 5-3
W vs Georgia Tech, L vs Duke*, L vs Virginia Tech

It’s hard to imagine a harder short period of time for the Heels than what we just witnessed.

6. Florida State, 14-5, 3-4
W vs Virginia Tech

Been up and down for the Noles to start conference play. This was an up week.

7. Miami, 14-4, 3-3
W vs NC State

Shot ridiculously well against the Wolfpack, but the defense left a lot to be desired.

8. NC State, 13-7, 3-4
L vs Miami

Pro: Played really well offensively against a stingy Miami defense.
Con: If you could’ve managed a couple damned defensive stops, you might’ve come out with a win.

9. Syracuse, 13-6, 2-4


10. Boston College, 13-7, 3-4
L vs Louisville

Can’t win them all. But winning some is better than winning none, am I right?

11. Virginia Tech, 14-6, 3-4
L vs FSU, W vs UNC

Can’t get a stop vs FSU but shut down UNC, so who knows, really?

12. Notre Dame, 13-7, 3-4
L vs Clemson

This makes me sad.

13. Georgia Tech, 10-9, 3-3
L vs UNC

There’s a broad middle tier to the ACC this year. Unfortunately, GT is at the bottom of that tier.

14. Wake Forest, 8-11, 1-6
L vs Virginia

You were beating Virginia at half, which is like, only playing half a game. Because you lost. Again.

15. Pitt, 8-12, 0-7
L vs Duke

Your third best shot at winning a conference games comes tomorrow. Maybe don’t try sucking.