Premium Content Podcast: Ben & Caroline talk death

Podcast, The SC8 Podcast

With 8 ACC teams losing in the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, the most appropriate topic we could think of for the first episode of our “offseason” podcast project, Premium Content, was clearly “death”.

Segment 1 (0:00 – 7:00) – Caroline gets hit by a car, Ben almost kills some people, and Caroline regrets not buying crack (possibly).

Segment 2 (7:30 – 20:00) – Would you rather see your team lose a close game or a blowout? What role do fans truly play in the outcomes of games from a superstition/jinx point of view?

Segment 3 (20:00 – 30:00) – How do you fill the void left by your team losing? Which celebrity marked the tipping point between genuine sorry and obligation? Which remaining Beatle should die first?