The Procrastin8ors Charlotte Hornets Podcast 9: Scott Rafferty joins to talk LeBron, Westbrook

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For the first time ever, Brian and Brenden are joined by a guest — Scott Rafferty (@crabdribbles), who covers the NBA for Rolling Stone, the Sporting News, and The Step Back. Follow him on Twitter, and check out his awesome work at all of those publications.

In this week’s episode, the guys run a three-man weave back and forth over the NBA, covering a wide range of topics: how the Cavaliers constructed the ideal roster around LeBron James, the absurdity of the pass-happy Golden State Warriors, and the sustainability of Russell Westbrook. Also, Scott tells us about the time he was “accidentally” kicked by Yao Ming.

(Stay turned for part two of this week’s podcast, where Brenden, Brian and Scott discuss the Charlotte Hornets.)