The 2017 NCAA Tournament Preview Podcast brought to you by New York Life

The SC8 Podcast

You’d better hope there is traffic on I-40 today as you commute, because that will give you time to enjoy the full 50 minutes of Ben Swain and Hayes Permar talking about North Carolina’s teams in the NCAA Tournament (and even some that aren’t *cough* (State) *cough*).

Thanks again to New York Life for a great week in Brooklyn, which we also looked back on a bit in the podcast. #GoodAtLife

Here are the 8 topics (and a few sub-topics) we covered:

  1. 1) Will Duke win it all?

   -how long until we have a ladder injury? 

  2) Will UNC win it all? Does that likelihood go down if Duke wins it all?

   -What is this “Player Zero” thing really about?

3) Will the NC teams in Dayton win AT all?

   -Do we know ANYthing about their opponents, specifically Cal Davis?

4) who are you pulling for more, UNCG Tuesday vs. Syracuse or UNCW on Thursday vs. UVa?

5) should the loser of Wichita State and Dayton have to coach State?

  -things get testy when Hayes fronts like has insider knowledge (editor’s note: he does)

6) first round game involving NC/ACC team you would bet on for entertainment purposes only?

7) favorite moment from Brooklyn?

8) questions from Twitter