Author: Hayes Permar

Hayes Permar

What does Hayes like about sports? Walk offs, walkovers, walk ups, walk outs, walks, Ewoks, “Walk Like A Man” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. He is from Wake County and dropped out of Davidson, UNC and NC State, jumps on whatever in-state bandwagon is currently tracking towards a championship and has a favorite team but pretends he doesn’t for journalistic purposes.

Media Musings: All In The Pool For Newspapers


written by R.L. Bynum Gannett one of the newspaper chains pooling resources in North Carolina Chains that have depleted newspapers with layoffs, buyouts and attrition are finding creative ways to pool resources. McClatchy has done that regionally for a few years, including pooling stories from The N&O and The Charlotte Observer to run in both… Read more »

8itorial: What Was Hubert Trying To Say?


written by W. Brenden Whitted “We can win only if we convince the world that I’m doing this because you are a great ball player and a fine gentleman.” Branch Rickey spoke these words the first time he met with Jackie Robinson in 1945 when discussing Robinson breaking baseball’s segregation. Whenever color barriers are broken,… Read more »

Media Musings: Krause Making Up For Lost Sports


Written by R.L. Bynum A busy schedule for the versatile Krause with fall sports shifting to spring When traditional fall sports either stretched into or were moved to spring, few broadcasters have been more versatile and busier than Matt Krause. During one three-city, three-day, four-sport stretch, he worked women’s basketball, field hockey, soccer and football… Read more »

Media Musings: New Deputy Sports Editor in Town


written by R.L. Bynum Pelletier brings deep hockey knowledge, award-winning career to McClatchy  In the turbulent newspaper industry that even cuts loose award-winning journalists because of downsizing, there are always plenty of outstanding candidates when jobs open. Justin Pelletier was sports editor of the Boston Herald when he dealt with the painful front end of… Read more »

Media Musings: Hamlin Does Hillsborough


written by R.L. Bynum Hillsborough Sports offers diverse mix of high school sports content Imagine the traditional small newspaper sports section that covers local high schools much more extensively than larger media outlets and has the advertising support of local businesses. Convert that concept into a website and add play-by-play broadcasts, video and photo galleries… Read more »

Media Musings: Forslund Leaving His Heart in Carolina


written by R. L. Bynum Forslund moving on to Seattle but emotionally is still with the Canes  John Forslund may have moved on to the next step of his career but he hasn’t lost an emotional attachment to his team that he followed from Hartford to North Carolina. Forslund, who is only calling national games… Read more »