ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings

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ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings

1. Duke

Obviously. Next.

2. Louisville

Basketball arena was named for their basketball team. Yum!

3. North Carolina

Best with Berry.

4. Notre Dame

Basketballing so sexy.

5. Florida State

11 wins can’t be by accident, right?

6. Virginia

Only one loss. That tempo, though.

7. Virginia Tech

We’re talking Buzz-ket-ballllllll

8. Miami

Let’s hear it for the fighting tildes!

9. Clemson

Hope remains in Clemson, but it’s still football season down there.

10. Pitt

You guys hired Kevin Stallings on purpose.

11. NC State

Y’all were supposed to be good and you’re not very good, so par for the course?

12. Syracuse


13. Wake Forest

It’s early, yet.

14. Georgia Tech

Truth be told, I just kinda forgot about you.

15. Boston College

Just get comfortable. You’ll be here a while.