ACC Big Ten Challenge: Expert Picks

With 14 games over the next three nights (plus Georgia Tech taking on Wofford, who might as well be in the Big Ten), conference pride is on the line during the annual made-for-TV ACC/Big Ten challenge. We’ll let the teams decide things on the court, but that won’t stop us from picking which school we’d rather have from each match-up if we were building a brand new conference.

Wake Forest vs. Rutgers 

The NY/NJ television market is nice, but Rutgers’ athletic department is total trash. Pick: Wake Forest (4 of 5 experts picked Wake)

Clemson vs. Minnesota

Yeah, we’ll roll with the nation’s best football team here. Pick: Clemson (4 of 5 experts picked Clemson)

Michigan vs. NC State

Jumpman. Jumpman. Jumpman. Give us Michigan. This pick was so obvious our NC State homer was the only one who picked the Wolfpack. Pick: Michigan (4 of 5 experts picked Michigan)

Northwestern vs. Virginia Tech

One one hand you have Chicago, academics, and a not-all-that-bad football program. On the other hand, you have Whit Babcock who might be the best AD in the country right now. This one was close. Pick: Virginia Tech (3 of 5 experts picked Virginia Tech)

Wofford vs. Georgia Tech

Wofford is a beautiful school and the summer home to the Carolina Panthers. Georgia Tech is a no-brainer here, though. Pick: Georgia Tech (unanimous)

Virginia vs. Ohio State

One football program just fired a cop. The other football program probably should keep one on staff. Pick: Ohio State (unanimous)

Purdue vs. Pitt

Pitt has a tremendous football history and former Duke SID Matt Plizga. Purdue has a big drum and Drew Brees. Pick: Pitt (unanimous)

Miami vs. Nebraska

Tough call. Both are tied at zero Coastal championships. Miami has a basketball championship, though. Pick: Miami (3 of 5 experts picked Miami)

Maryland vs. UNC

North Carolina is neck deep in one of the worst academic/athletic scandals in NCAA history and this was still a no-brainer. Pick: UNC (unanimous)

Louisville vs. Michigan State

Look. We’re happy you’re here, Louisville. But, come on. Pick: Michigan State (unanimous)

Wisconsin vs. Syracuse

Russell Wilson picked Wisconsin. Greg Paulus picked Syracuse. Pick: Wisconsin (unanimous)

Penn State vs. Boston College

No offense, Boston College, but give us the Nittany Lions. Get it? No offense? Like, OF-fense? Pick: Penn State (4 of 5 experts picked Penn State)

Indiana vs. Duke

Literally no one likes you, Tom Crean. No one. Pick: Duke (unanimous)

Notre Dame vs. Illinois

I couldn’t even tell you one thing about Illinois other than they get blown out by UNC a lot in sports. Pick: Notre Dame (unanimous)

FSU vs. Iowa

Iowa ain’t played nobody. Pick: Florida State (unanimous)


Total tally: ACC 9, Big Ten 5