ACC Bowl TV Ratings 2015

There’s no better reflection of a football program’s health and popularity than TV ratings, and the numbers are in for the 2015/16 bowl season. Remember, networks and time slots have nothing to do  with these figures. It’s 100% based on the perception of your favorite football team. Impacts recruiting too. And bowl selection for next season.

  1. National championship – Clemson (26.18M), 1st overall
  2. Orange Bowl – Clemson (15.64M), 3rd overall
  3. Peach Bowl – FSU (5.6M), 11th overall
  4. Music City – Louisville (5.2M), 12th overall
  5. Sun Bowl – Miami (4.7M), 14th overall
  6. Russell Athletic – UNC (4.2M), 16th overall
  7. Pinstripe Bowl – Duke (3.8M), 18th overall
  8. Belk Bowl – NC State (3.5M), 21st overall
  9. Independence – Virginia Tech (3.4M), 22nd overall
  10. Military Bowl – Pitt (2.2M), 28th overall