ACC Game Times: 10/17


We here at Sports Channel 8 like to tell you things that will happen way before they are announced, so here are the ACC game times for October 17th, a full week before these decisions will actually be made.

Projected Game Times: October 17th

BC @ Clem- 12 ESPN

Lou @ FSU- 330 ESPN/ABC

Pitt @ GT- 330 RSN

VT @ Miami- 330 ESPNU

Wake @ UNC- 1230 ACC Network

Syracuse @ UVA- ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (Someone will be contractually obligated to air this but we got nothing)

A bit of our rationale:

– If UNC has a home game there is a 99.9% chance it will fall into a 12 or 1230 slot. Seems ripe for the ACC Network game of the week.

– FSU and Miami both live on the ESPN family of networks. FSU will probably be coming in at 5-0. Should Louisville get past NC State on Oct 3, this game could get night treatment, but no reason to think it won’t be at least at 330 in a national spotlight. Likewise, Miami is still a national drive. This one could easily switch places with BC/Clem at Noon, but we will take our chances with it being on the U.

– It is 2015 so someone somewhere will air the Syracuse/UVA game.