How to act at work – Week 1

It’s a holiday weekend so hopefully you’re out enjoying the final day of a pool somewhere, but to get you prepared for the grind, here’s what you can expect from your co-workers tomorrow in the office … as told through the magic of stock business photos.

Duke fans

*listening to State and UNC fans in the break room*

Wake Forest fans

Oh please, Duke fan in HR, tell me more about your team’s opening win. You guys must have been well rested by skipping out on bowl season last year. How’d that opening win against Central treat you last year in week 2? Was that against us? I can’t remember, all those Wake wins run together after a while.

Oh hey State fan from sales, I might know a guy who would buy your ACC Championship tickets off of you. Let me know how much you want for them.

I totally get it, UNC fan from customer service. I can’t imagine how a team could win with two quarterbacks. That just seems IMPOSSIBLE. It has to hurt team chemistry. Like, John Wolford has to wonder if he would have thrown for more than 3 touchdowns if Kendall Hinton hadn’t have thrown two of his own.

Editor’s note – we are 100% here for condescending Wake fan

UNC fans

So look here, if you take all the series where Brandon Harris was at quarterback and put Chazz Surratt in there you can basically add like 3 yards a play. You can also take away this turnover that would have led to a touchdown, and we also would have scored at the end of the half.

It’s not just that, dude. Look at the replay of the late hit. What’s he supposed to do? Dive at the quarterback’s knees? This is football. That penalty changed the entire game.

So we can pretty much count this as a win, right?


state fans

Hey guys, you want to go to lunch somewhere? Guys?

ECU fans