How to act at work: Week 5


Our mission at Sportschannel8 is, and will always be, to accurately report news using a different lens to offer a unique, often humorous, perspective. Some stories, like the tragedy we’re learning about today in Las Vegas, need to have a singular perspective. Love and respect each other. Value life. Protect each other from the evil in the world. Help out others whenever possible, no matter our differences. Please don’t use sports, or humor, as an escape from important issues like gun control or mental health or other conversations that are so critical to the safety, health, and happiness for all people. Our hope is that you use sports, and humor, to bring us together to break down the barriers in starting those conversations. And our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the horrible tragedies in Las Vegas and elsewhere throughout the world. 

Each week, we tell you what to expect from your co-workers in the office based on the results each weekend:

Duke fans

“Freaking Miami of all teams. One game with all eyes on our program and we go out there and totally pull a Virginia Tech. I’m not going into work today. F*** this.”

UNC fans

“1-4. We are SO bad. And Notre Dame scored how many points this weekend? Yeah I’m not going into work today. F*** this.”

wake fans

“Uggggh, we freaking HAD that game. I don’t even want to go to work today.”

“I KNOW! Man that would have been so amazing if we’d won, but at least we didn’t go full-Virginia Tech. Let’s just stay in bed all day.”

“Oh well, at least UNC sucks.”

“And Duke lost too. We don’t have to hear about how great they are anymore at least.”

“Yeah baby, tell me more about Duke losing.”

“They’ve never even won an ACC Championship and everyone talks about how great they are. Nobody ever talks about us.”

“Talk dirty about Harry Giles.”

“Oh my God he was so bad this season. He wouldn’t have even played over John Collins.”

“F*** me.”

ecu fans

“The only reason I came to work was to talk about my [Heels/Devils] with basketball season coming up and their fans don’t even come into work? F*** this, I’m going back home.”

State fans

“Nobody’s in the office, let’s get drunk and f***”

panthers fans