College Football Betting

Against The Spread: November 13th

SportsChanne8 sent correspondent Ben Swain to Miami this week to cover the fallout from the UNC/Miami game, as well as the breaking news that Butch Davis is a leading candidate for the open Hurricanes job. As a result, we had to fire our graphic guy to make room in the budget.


  1. Hayes Permar (27-23-1)
  2. Ben Swain (26-24-1)
  3. Brian Geisinger (23-27-1)
  4. Moose (22-28-1)
  5. Richard Averitte (20-25)
  6. Josh Goodson (20-30-1)


Duke (-3) vs. Pitt

Duke: Permar, Swain, Goodson, Geisinger

Pitt: Moose, Averitte

NC State (+9.5) vs. Florida State

NC State: Permar, Swain, Moose

Florida State: Goodson, Geisinger, Averitte

UNC (-12.5) vs. Miami

UNC: Permar, Geisinger, Averitte

Miami: Swain, Goodson, Moose

Charlotte (+5.5) vs. UTSA

Charlotte: Permar, Swain, Geisinger, Moose, Averitte

UTSA: Goodson

App State (-18) vs. Idaho

App State: Permar, Swain, Goodson, Geisinger, Moose, Averitte

Carolina Panthers (-5.5) vs. Tennessee Titans

Panthers: Permar, Swain, Geisinger, Moose, Averitte

Titans: Goodson