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Cam Newton: Equal Opportunity Philanthropist

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Most everyone has some sort of opinion of Cam Newton. Whether it be thinly-veiled racism or repressed anger, the hot takes flow freely. One thing that can’t be disputed is Cam’s giving nature.

It’s been widely noted that Cam sees to it that a fan receives a football after every Panthers touchdown. But did you know that he’s also giving in another sense?

Busted Coverage has the scoop on Cam’s latest example of generosity here.


With each Carolina Panthers victory, I can sense BC leader Joe’s excitement over his investment in Cam Newton’s BCS pants. An undefeated season, a potential MVP award, maybe a Super Bowl — the only thing that can stop Cam now is his hoverboard exploding (or a traffic accident).

But before Cam ripped the heart out of the Atlanta Falcons, he took a little bit of a breather Friday night and hit Cameo Gentleman’s Club for a Rick Ross performance:

Cam is a giver. A giver of touchdowns. A giver of footballs. And a giver of money to well-deserving dancers.