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Class vs. Ass: Panthers to face “Look at Me” Broncos in Super Bowl 50

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In the biggest game of his career, Panthers’ linebacker Luke Kuechly pulled down the interception, raced across the field into the end zone, and then calmly celebrated with his fans, handing out high fives and even helping to make sure a man was okay after he flipped over the railing leaning down to thank his hero for the exclamation point touchdown.

Hours earlier in Denver, linebacker Von Miller had parents everywhere flipping off of their couches lunging for the remote while he celebrated a sack on Tom Brady by gyrating his hips with one arm raised and the other hand cupping his privates.


This is nothing new for the “me-first” Miller who has been reprimanded previously by the NFL for his suggestive sack dances, and is well know for wearing outrageous outfits in the locker room during media availability.

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Miller, who played his college football at Texas A&M, is a tremendous talent and one of the top linebackers in the NFL, but his act is growing old among his peers across the league. In a bit of foreshadowing, Panthers’ quarterback spotted an A&M “12th Man” flag near the railing of Bank of America stadium following his Divisional round win over Seattle, grabbed the flag from the fan, and tossed it to the turf in a strong statement against the former Aggie great’s antics.


With a two-week wait before the Super Bowl, buckle up and get ready for a barrage of stories and tweets about class in the NFL. Fortunately, here in North Carolina, we’ll be insulated from most of that noise. That’s the benefit of being home to the classiest team in the NFL.