College Football 2016 – A Way Too Early Look at NC Hot Takes



You want early pre-season top 25 polls? Go somewhere else. We have your “way too early” pre-season hot takes you can expect to have crammed down your throughout 2016.

UNC Still Doesn’t Play Anybody

Sure, there’s the opener against overrated Georgia from the weak SEC East with a brand new coach, but after that, Illinois and two FCS schools? Again? Freaking play somebody. And wait until State fans realize that The Citadel game is right before the finale against the Wolfpack. Is UNC really trending upwards, or is the schedule just so laughably weak that it seems like they are?

ECU Done Messed Up

You fire Ruff and hire a guy who’s never been a head coach and had marginal results as an offensive coordinator at Duke? Oh by the way, you only interviewed him because his former boss floated a glowing recommendation out there to find a place for him that wasn’t on his staff? Congrats, Pirates. You’re heading into AAC play with a 1-3 record after losing to State, South Carolina, and Virginia Tech.

Duke Done Messed Up

You send Scottie Montgomery packing to Greenville and now he’s getting coach of the year buzz after starting 4-0 with wins against NC State, South Carolina, and Virginia Tech? Meanwhile your offense is still throwing 4 yard outs on 3rd and 8. Way to go, Cutcliffe.


Good call firing your offensive coordinator while your defense is still getting shredded every weekend. Wonder if it’s time for Debbie to make a mid-season move after Doeren starts the season 2-4. Wonder if it’s time for Debbie to go, actually.

How’s Life in the Atlantic Treating You?

Oh it’s not so easy playing Louisville and Florida State, is it, Duke and UNC? Try doing that every year and see if you ever win a division.

What Were You Saying About the Atlantic?

UNC and Duke go on the road to upset highly ranked FSU and Louisville, respectively, while NC State gets drilled by Miami? Maybe the problem isn’t your division, NC State. Maybe it’s your sorry football team.

Way to Sign That Huge Extension, Tar Heels

Pretty different with a target on your back and without your senior quarterback, Fedora. Not even that weak non-conference schedule can get you back to a good bowl. Enjoy seven more years of Shreveport.

Way to Sign That Huge Extension, Tar Heels

Back-to-back double-digit wins and the most exciting offense in college football? Yeah, the sleeping giant is wide awake. Fedora could have any job he wants, but he’s locked up in Chapel Hill and he’s going after that crystal football.

Way to Sign That Huge Extension, Fedora

More scholarship losses and a multi-year post-season ban thanks to your cheating-ass administration and you could be head coach at Texas A&M right now. Solid career move.

Move Over Duke, Wake is Back

4-0 in non-conference and a few ACC wins to get the Deacs back into the post-season while Duke has to fight to get to 6 wins? Yeah, it was fun while it lasted, but the Deacs are back as THE private school football program in NC.

Stanford of the East, Y’all

A top 25 class on signing day in February ’16, five straight Pool I bowls, four straight winning seasons, back-to-back bowl wins … hi haters, it’s Duke Football.