Triangle College Football Betting Primer

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College football is right around the corner which means some people will try to become #rich betting on college football outcomes. We would never endorse doing such things but we understand it happens.

Since we focus a lot of our coverage on the main triangle schools, we’ve come up with a little betting primer for all those degenerates out there to use to hopefully make educated decisions on who to bet on.

For this exercise we used statistics from each school, while their current head coach has been at the helm. For that reason, we will have more data/trends for Duke (8 completed seasons under David Cutcliffe) than we will have for NC State (3 completed seasons under Dave Doeren). Use these trends at your discretion.

All #s below are percentages of that team’s record ATS (Against the Spread). For example, Duke has covered the spread in 59.3% of all games under Coach David Cutcliffe.

The colors are based on being above or equal to 52.7%. That number is the threshold that bettors should strive for to make a profit.

Why 52.7%? Typically when bettors place wagers, there is juice involved (This is noted as -110 that you see at sportsbooks). For a typical $100 wager, a winning ticket would result in a $90 profit, while a losing ticket would result in a $100 loss. For a bettor who makes 1000 bets over time, they would need to win 527 of those bets to result in an overall profit.

Below we’ve shown you where each local triangle team has performed under their current head coach during certain situations. If they are highlighted in green that team has performed at or above the needed 52.7%, in that specific situation. If in red, they are below the 52.7% threshold.


*Duke’s games vs FCS opponents in 2007 and 2008 were not included as no line was able to be found.

Follow the green and this could be you:

Follow the red and this will probably be you: