College Football Betting

College Football Betting: 2017 NC Schools Edition

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The college football season begin last Saturday with a few meh games as an appetizer. ACC play begins this coming Thursday night with Wake Forest hosting Presbyterian. This means college football betting season begins. We focus on the 3 triangle schools and the other NC schools as many of you should when it comes to betting. 

First some college football betting tips:

  • 1. Don’t bet on games/teams that you’ve never heard of. I don’t care if it’s the only game on TV, there is no reason to bet a mortgage on Hawaii vs UMASS. Stick with what you know. Betting is hard as it is. At least bet on the teams you’ve seen with your own eyes.

2. If a line doesn’t make sense and it’s weird, then 



3. Don’t bet parlays or teasers. It’s hard enough to win one game. It’s even harder to win 2 or 3.

4. Use the trends below as a guide NOT as the gospel.

5. Don’t bet with your heart. Bet with your eyes. 

These are percentages based on data from the 2013 season on. Remember the colors are based on being above or equal to 52.7%. That number is the threshold that bettors should strive for to make a profit.

Why 52.7%? Typically when bettors place wagers, there is juice involved (This is noted as -110 that you see at sportsbooks). For a typical $100 wager, a winning ticket would result in a $90 profit, while a losing ticket would result in a $100 loss. For a bettor who makes 1000 bets over time, they would need to win 527 of those bets to result in an overall profit.

The data below is from 2013

Some thoughts on the above:

  1. 1. Duke remains solid ATS under Cutcliffe
  2. 2. Take the under with NC Schools. History says so
  3. 3. All teams are solid after a bye
  4. 4. If the triangle schools are favored, they typically back it up.

Stay tuned the rest of the year as we give picks/thoughts on the upcoming week’s games.