Carolina Panthers

Despite Soft Schedule, Don’t Bet Against The Panthers

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Five unbeaten teams remain in the NFL, and the way experts are talking about the Carolina Panthers, you’d be incredibly surprised to learn that they’re one of them. With wins over the Jaguars, Texans, Saints, Bucs, and Seahawks, and none of them coming easy, Carolina has been the popular pick for the undefeated team that least “belongs”. But looking past the opponents, something special is brewing down in Charlotte.

Any win on the road in the NFL, even against a struggling team like the two-win Seahawks, is something to be treasured, and behind the leadership of MVP candidate Cam Newton on the final two drives in the 4th quarter, it truly does seem like the sky is the limit as the schedule gets tougher. Luke Kuechly was phenomenal in his first game back from injury, leading the team in tackles and bottling up Marshawn Lynch for most of the game.

There are concerns with the receiving corps with several crucial drops throughout the game, but when the result was on the line, the Carolina wideouts took advantage of the space being given by the aging Seattle defense and made catches when it mattered most. The Panthers return to action next Sunday against the 2-3 Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East allotted primetime spot.

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