#DukeUNC4Gameday: What to Root For



Still holding out hope for #DukeUNC4Gameday in Chapel Hill on Saturday November 7th?

While it appears to be a pipe dream after Duke/UNC was given a 12/12:30 start time, here are some things you should be rooting for this week to give it a shot:

  1. Hope the game starts at 12:30 on ESPN. Not that it matters much, but we are hard pressed to believe ESPN would do Gameday at a location with a 12:00 start. We all know UNC fans show up to early games, so no one would be there while Corso puts on the Rameses or Blue Devil head.
  2. UNC has to win at Pitt. Duh.
  3. Duke has to beat Miami. Duh.
  4. It would probably help if NC State beats Clemson. Clemson hosts FSU on November 7th and the appeal of a FSU/Clemson gameday would lessen if the Tigers have a loss. Also, Gameday has already been to Death Valley.
  5. Pull for Texas Tech to knock off Oklahoma State. This may not be too hard to achieve as Oklahoma State is just a 3 point favorite vs Texas Tech at this point. Oklahoma State hosts undefeated TCU on November 7th and would be a serious contender for Gameday should it be an undefeated TCU at undefeated Oklahoma State.
  6. Hope that ESPN stops the slurpfest of the SEC and realizes there is decent football played in the ACC. This would require them not going to Tuscaloosa for LSU/Alabama for the EIGHTH time in history. Do we really need to see a one loss team play against a team who struggled to put away Syracuse? Plus why should they care about a game that ended 9-6 in a field goal contest years ago. Gross.
  7. Pray.