Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings 1/30/2018


1. Virginia, 20-1, 9-0
W vs Clemson, W vs Duke

Putting the Hoos at 1 due to Bennett’s focus on using free throw defense to cement the win in Cameron.

2. Duke, 19-3, 7-3
W vs Wake Forest, L vs Virginia, W vs Notre Dame

Looks like Virginia tripped *you* up. Get it? That’s a Grayson Allen joke!

3. Florida State, 16-5, 5-4
W vs Georgia Tech, W vs Miami

I can only put teams where the math puts teams. And it puts FSU at #3. I dunno.

4. Louisville, 16-5, 6-2
L vs Miami, W vs Wake Forest

Probably shouldn’t have lost to Miami, but then throttled Wake. I’d say that warrants a net drop in your ranking.

5. Clemson, 17-4, 6-3
L vs Virginia, W vs Georgia Tech

Everybody is dying against Virginia, but that GT game shouldn’t have been that close, you guys. And you have UNC coming up after their rough week?

6. NC State, 15-7, 5-4
W vs Pitt, W vs North Carolina

Don’t start celebrating, yet. Bubbles are tenuous.

7. Syracuse, 15-6, 4-4
W vs Boston College, W vs Pitt

I don’t think the week after beating BC and Pitt is the time to get all snippy, Mr. Boeheim.

8. Miami, 15-5, 4-4
W vs Louisville, L vs Florida State

You frustrate the hell out of me, Miami.

9. North Carolina, 16-6, 5-4
L vs NC State

UNC fans opening their phones to check the score because they didn’t watch it because they weren’t worried about it:

BONUS: When they found out this morning at work about Jalek Felton:

10. Virginia Tech, 15-6, 4-4
W vs Notre Dame

I see you, Buzz.

11. Boston College, 13-8, 3-5
L vs Syracuse

Things starting to look more and more ugly for the Eagles as we try to get over the midway hump.

12. Notre Dame, 13-9, 3-6
L vs Virginia Tech, L vs Duke


13. Georgia Tech, 10-9, 3-3
L vs UNC


14. Wake Forest, 8-11, 1-6
L vs Virginia


15. Pitt, 8-12, 0-7
L vs Duke