Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings 1/9/2018

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1. Virginia – 14-1, 3-0
W vs VT, W vs UNC

Thumped both UNC and VT and was the only ACC team to really handle their business this week without issues.

2. Duke – 13-2, 1-2
L vs NC State

Listen, I’m not going to hold it against them, losing to a team that was desperate for a win. Plus, they have Marvin Bagley. They’ll be fine.

3. Miami – 13-2, 2-1
L vs Georgia Tech, W vs FSU

Georgia Tech is bad, to be sure. But FSU isn’t. Listen, someone had to go in this spot and based on my points system, here we are.

4. Clemson – 14-1, 3-0
W vs BC, W vs Louisville

Not sure if Clemson is good or the schedule is easy to this point.

5. Florida State – 12-3, 1-2
W vs UNC, L vs Miami

The ACC is a puddle of goo. None of it makes sense right now. It’s angering me.

6. Notre Dame – 12-4, 2-1
W vs NC State, W vs Syracuse

Look, they won both games without Bonzie Colson. They deserve this ranking.

7. North Carolina – 12-4, 1-2
L vs FSU, L vs Virginia

Don’t let these losses distract you from the fact that UNC won the national championship last year.

8. Syracuse – 12-3, 1-2
L vs Wake Forest, L vs Notre Dame

Things are not good in Boeheim’s world.

9. Louisville – 11-4, 1-1
W vs Pitt, L vs Clemson

I think we’re going to have to start entertaining the fact that Louisville is not a good basketball team this year.

10. Boston College – 11-5, 2-2
L vs Clemson, W vs Wake Forest

They’re better than they’ve been in the past, but that’s still not very good.

11. NC State – 11-5, 1-2
L vs Notre Dame, W vs Duke

So do you give more weight to the thrashing at Notre Dame or the home upset over #2 Duke? Kind of a push, really. Sometimes you lose and win.

12. Virginia Tech – 12-4, 1-2
L vs Virginia, W vs Pitt

Virginia is good. Pitt is not good. So VT stays the same, in my opinion.

13. Wake Forest – 8-7, 1-2
W vs Syracuse, L vs BC

You beat Syracuse, but they may not be that good. And you lost to Boston College. Just hang tight.

14. Georgia Tech – 8-7, 1-1
W vs Miami, W vs Yale

Miami win was a fluke. And Yale, seriously?

15. Pitt – 8-8, 0-3
L vs Louisville, L vs VT

Dammit, would you get in the f’n game?