Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings 2/13/2018

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1. Clemson, 20-4, 9-3
W vs Pitt

How can you not be impressed with the job that Brad Brownell has done this year?

2. UNC, 20-7, 9-5
W vs Duke, W vs NC State, W vs Notre Dame

Did you guys hear that UNC played (and won!) 3 games in 5 days?

3. Virginia, 23-2, 12-1
L vs Virginia Tech, W vs FSU

Y’all lost to the Hokies. At home. I don’t want to hear it.

4. Louisville, 18-8, 8-5
W vs Georgia Tech, W vs Pitt

You guys deserve to be ranked fourth, right? Two wins against GT and Pitt are better than…

5. Duke, 20-5, 8-4
L vs UNC, W vs Georgia Tech

…going 1-1 vs UNC and GT. Just a little stumble in Chapel Hill.

6. Syracuse, 17-8, 6-6
W vs Wake Forest

Pretty sure I was done with Syracuse a week ago…

7. Miami, 18-6, 7-5
W vs Wake Forest, L vs Boston College

All I can do is keep shaking my head at Miami’s inconsistency. Can’t seem to get over…

8. Virginia Tech, 18-7, 7-5
W vs NC State, W vs Virginia

Not a bad week to be a Hokie. Two big wins put them back in the dance conversation…

9. Florida State, 17-8, 6-7
L vs Virginia, L vs Notre Dame


10. Boston College, 15-10, 5-7
W vs Miami

Things are looking up this week in Beantown. Sorta. I mean, you’re still bad, so…

11. NC State, 16-9, 6-6
L vs Virginia Tech, L vs UNC

The Wolfpack are on the downswing of the Seesaw of Sadness.

12. Notre Dame, 15-11, 5-8
W vs Florida State, L vs UNC

Save me Bonzie, you’re our only hope.

13. Georgia Tech, 11-14, 4-8
L vs Louisville, L vs Duke


14. Wake Forest, 9-16, 2-11
L vs Miami, L vs Syracuse


15. Pitt, 8-18, 0-13
L vs Clemson, L vs Louisville