Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings 2/7/2018


1. Virginia, 22-1, 11-0
W vs Louisville, W vs Syracuse

Can anyone stop the Cavaliers? So far, it appears not.

2. Clemson, 19-4, 8-3
W vs UNC, W vs Wake Forest

Almost let the UNC win get away and beat Wake Forest (who hasn’t?). If you’d told me Brownell would have his squad at second place in the ACC at this point in the season, I would’ve laughed in your face.

3. Duke, 19-4, 7-3
L vs St. John’s

Duke is fine. Really, they’re fine. Don’t worry about them.

4. Florida State, 17-6, 6-5
L vs Wake Forest, W vs Louisville

OK, you *did* lose to Wake Forest…

5. Miami, 17-5, 6-4
W vs Pitt, W vs Virginia Tech

I don’t know how much credit to give you for beating Pitt and the Hokies, but wins are wins.

6. NC State, 16-7, 6-4
W vs Notre Dame

Got revenge for an early season beating by thrashing Notre Dame. Are the Wolfpack actually good?

7. Syracuse, 16-8, 5-6
L vs Georgia Tech, L vs Virginia, W vs Louisville

Syracuse is probably ranked too high, if we’re being totally honest.

8. UNC, 17-7, 6-5
L vs Clemson, W vs Pitt

Did they just hit a mid-season skid? We’ll find out tomorrow when they take on Duke.

9. Louisville, 16-8, 6-5
L vs Virginia, L vs Florida State, L vs Syracuse

Take your eyes off Louisville for one second and down they fall…

10. Virginia Tech, 16-7, 5-5
W vs Boston College, L vs Miami

Hokies may need Buzz to actually enter the court during play to make an impact.

11. Notre Dame, 14-10, 4-7
L vs NC State, W vs Boston College

The Irish have Matt Farrell back, so it looks like smooth sail—nope. Not yet.

12. Boston College, 14-10, 4-7
L vs Virginia Tech, W vs Georgia Tech, L vs Notre Dame


13. Georgia Tech, 11-12, 4-6
W vs Syracuse, L vs Boston College


14. Wake Forest, 9-14, 2-9
W vs Florida State, L vs Clemson


15. Pitt, 8-16, 0-11
L vs Duke