ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings Week 12


1. Virginia
W @ Louisville

Someone had to ascend to this pile of terrible and congratulations it’s you guys.

2. Louisville
L vs Virginia, W vs UNC

#2. This whole conference is a bunch of #2s.

3. North Carolina
W vs Boston College, L @ Louisville


4. Pitt
L @ Clemson, W vs Virginia Tech

I’ve lost control of these rankings.

5. Syracuse
W vs Notre Dame, W vs Georgia Tech

Boeheim Back!

6. Notre Dame
L @ Syracuse, W vs Wake Forest


7. Miami
L @ NC State

Gross. I don’t know what you were trying to accomplish here.

8. Florida State
W vs Clemson, W vs NC State

Back from the dead? Just be careful.

9. Clemson
W vs Pitt, L @ Florida State

Wheels starting to come off a bit?

10. Duke

Surely there’s been a mistake…

11. Virginia Tech
L vs Louisville, L @ Pitt

Turned the difficulty level up a bit, it appears.

12. Georgia Tech
W @ NC State, L @ Syracuse


13. NC State
L vs Georgia Tech, W vs Miami, L @ Florida State

The roller coaster of suck continues…

14. Wake Forest
L @ Notre Dame

Wait, now, I thought you guys were supposed to be good this year

15. Boston College

Not even close.