ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings, Week 2


1. Miami
W vs Mississippi State, W vs Utah, W vs Butler

Are you kidding me right now, Coach Tilde?

2. Duke
L vs Kentucky, W vs VCU, W vs Georgetown

Just steady the ship after getting beat by Kentucky.

3. UNC
W vs Wofford, L at UNI, W vs Northwestern

Woo, that was a bad loss to UNI. FIX YOUR HAND, MARCUS!

4. Louisville
W vs Hartford, W vs UNF

Hey Coach Pitino, is the new 30-second shot clock enough ti-

5. Notre Dame
W vs Milwaukee, W vs UMass-Lowell

The hell is a UMass-Lowell?

6. Virginia
W vs Bradford, W vs LBSU, W vs George Mason

Feeling better after that loss to George Washington with three easy wins.

7. Pitt
W vs St. Joseph’s, W vs Detroit

Congratulations on finally starting the season!

8. Florida State
W vs Hofstra, W vs DePaul, W vs Ohio

I want to trust you but don’t know if I can.

9. Clemson
W vs Texas Southern, L vs UMass

You lost to UMass. I can’t even.

10. Syracuse
W vs St. Bonaventure, W vs Elon

Still trying to figure out what you are…

11. Georgia Tech
W vs Green Bay, L vs Eastern Tennessee State

Just when I’m ready to love you…

12. Wake Forest
L vs Richmond, W vs Indiana

You lost to Richmond and then beat Indiana. You make no sense.

13. Boston College
W vs Central Connecticut, W vs Harvard


14. Virginia Tech
W vs Jacksonville State, W vs VMI

Your offense:

15. NC State
W vs IUPUI, L vs Arizona State

Stop being terrible.