ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Football Power Rankings, Week 11


1a. UNC, W vs Miami

An unstoppable force met a very movable object and you saw the result.

1b. Clemson, W at Syracuse

So what it was close? Dabo had a bible verse about overcoming adversity already bookmarked. Preach!

3. Florida State, W vs NC State

Lucky to get out of that one after turning it over 5 times.

4. Pitt, W at Duke

Blew right by Duke in the third quarter, man…wow…

5. Louisville, W vs Virginia

Got into a little slapfight with the Cavaliers?

6. Virginia Tech, W at Georgia Tech

Winning one for the gipper on the way out, eh?

7. NC State, L at Florida State

Created 5 turnovers. Lose by 17.

8. Duke, L vs Pitt

Really going downhill fast, isn’t it?

9. Virginia, L at Louisville

No bowl.

10. Miami, L at North Carolina

hey, the second half was kinda close, but you’d already been burned.

11. Wake Forest, L at Notre Dame


12. Syracuse, L vs Clemson

Good job, good effort.

13. Boston College


14. Georgia Tech, L vs Virginia Tech