ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Football Power Rankings, Week 12


1. Clemson, W at Wake Forest

Just don’t trip up against South Carolina next week, boys.

2. UNC, W at Virginia Tech (OT)

Congratulations you barely beat VT now your prize is Clemson in the championship!

3. Pitt, W vs Louisville

Cruise control after the first half. Absolutely destroyed the birds.

4. FSU, W vs Chattanooga

Y’all played Chattanooga. I demoted you. That is terrible.

5. State, W vs Syracuse

Ran away with it versus Syracuse but Syracuse is terrible, so…

6. Louisville, L at Pitt

That was….well, that wasn’t good for supposedly a pretty good defense. Wheels coming off a bit.

7. Virginia Tech, L vs UNC (OT)

God speed, Beamer.

8. Virginia, W vs Duke

I’m confused. Is a Mike London-coached team….successful?

9. Miami, W vs Georgia Tech

I’m not certain the Yellow Jackets are footballing anymore but hey, good on you.

10. Duke, L at Virginia

Oh no. Everything is falling apart.

11. Boston College, L vs Notre Dame

Hey, it was close, right?

12. Wake Forest, L vs Clemson

When it feels like the world is against you…

13. Syracuse, L at NC State

I’m sorry.

14. Georgia Tech, L at Miami

Go to sleep.