ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Football Power Rankings, Week 3

1. GT, L at Notre Dame

Hell of a game, but ya come up a bit short. Down by 23 points in the fourth quarter and you made it close at the end.

2. FSU, W at Boston College

Got us all excited to start the game and then *pop* goes our balloon. Thanks.

3. Clemson, W at Louisville

You guys had us worried, and really, Louisville should’ve gotten a better look at the end. Do better, Tigers.

4. VT, W at Purdue

Absolutely steamrolled Purdue. But when doesn’t Purdue get steamrolled?

5. NC State, W at Old Dominion

Who the hell agreed to go to Old Dominion? Play somebody, man, damn.

6. Duke, L vs Northwestern

You had a plan. It didn’t work out.

7. Louisville, L vs Clemson

You had several chances. Pretty even right up until the end. And what the hell was that end of game clock management?

8. North Carolina, W vs Illinois

Congratulations. You beat Illinois.

9. Miami, W vs Nebraska

Not sure what you are Miami. But I’m pretty sure what you’re not is good.

10. Boston College, L vs FSU

What is offense?

11. Pitt, L at Iowa


12. Wake Forest, W at Army

Are you sure you won the ACC championship in the last decade? Putrid.

13. Virginia, W vs William and Mary

Technically, you win. But your existence makes us all losers.

14. Syracuse, W vs Central Michigan

Needed overtime to beat Central Michigan?