ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Power Rankings, Week 5


1. Clemson, W vs Notre Dame

Went up big against Notre Dame, looked like a blowout, but then had to hang on for dear life. You’re the new leader in the ACC. What can go wrong?

2. Duke, W vs Boston College

Defensively dominant. But that offense?

3. FSU, W at Wake Forest

Guys…winning by 8 at Wake Forest and only scoring 24 points? That’s when a win will drop you two spots.

4. Louisville, W at NC State

Your team sucks. The team you played just sucks a whole lot more.

5. UNC, W at Georgia Tech

A come-from-behind win?! At Georgia Tech!? Yeah, y’all can get busy

6. GT, L vs UNC

What in all the hells was that? Up by that much at home and then lose to UNC? Are you kidding me? Go sit down and think about the fail you failed.

7. Pitt, W at Virginia Tech

I’m sorry I forgot about you.

8. Miami, L at Cincinnati

First loss of the season, but woo boy, it’s a bad ‘un.

9. VT, L vs Pitt

The beginning of the end.

10. NC State, L vs Louisville

Your team is bad and you should feel bad.

11. Syracuse, BYE

Thank God.

12. BC, L at Duke

Just stop it.

13. Wake Forest, L vs FSU

Hey, you hung on as long as you could. You’re just not very good.

14. Virginia, BYE

Still gross even when you’re not playing.