ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Power Rankings, Week 6


1. Clemson, W vs GT

A fantastic and absolute destruction of Georgia Tech. And Dabo took on Clemsoning. You are free to strut.

2. Duke, W vs Army

Army is almost as bad as NC State. That was laughable.

3. FSU, W vs Miami

Made it kinda tight against a Miami team that’s just OK. Whew.

4. Louisville, BYE




6. Pitt, W vs Virginia

You’re the guy that brings the good beer to the party and we should definitely hang out more but we can’t remember your name.

7. Virginia Tech, W vs NCSU

Did that win against a middling NC State team save Frank Beamer?

8. Miami, L to FSU

Hey, you lost, but you’re still in Miami. So that’s like half a win, right?

9. GT, L to Clemson

Oh, Paul Johnson. Oh boy.

10. Wake Forest, W vs BC

What is offense?

11. Boston College, L to Wake Forest

You guys on offense:

12. Syracuse, L to USF

What is football?

13. Toothbrush

14. Half-eaten turkey hot dog

15a. NC State, L to VT

Not sure why they let a MAC team into the ACC this year.

15b. Virginia, L to Pitt

Just stop. For the love of God, stop.