ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Power Rankings, Week 7


1. Clemson, W vs Boston College

An impressive showing against a pretty good defensive team. Easily the most points BC has given up all year.

2. Duke, BYE

3. FSU, W vs Louisville

A little squirrelly in the beginning, then a hobbled Dalvin Cook dragged y’all to the victory once again.

4. UNC, W vs Wake Forest

Woo, y’all really showed that Wake Forest assistant who’s boss! Pop the champagne!

5. Pitt, W at Georgia Tech

Are y’all on TV, because I swear I just see that you won when I wake up on Sunday, but I’ve never seen you play.

6. Miami, W vs VT

Al Golden-related plane banners or victories? Which is higher at the end of the season?

7. Louisville, L at Florida State

Hey, Dalvin Cook is pretty good. He’s even better when you defend like you’re playing two-hand touch.

8. Georgia Tech, L vs Pitt

Boy, you guys really fell off fast.

9. Virginia Tech, L at Miami

Last week’s win seems so long ago, doesn’t it?

10. Boston College, L at Clemson

Averaging 6 points a game in ACC play. Not good, dudes.

11. Wake Forest, L at North Carolina

Hey, you guys looked good for a quarter.

12. Virginia, W vs Syracuse
HOLY CRAP A VICTORY…over Syracuse…… triple overtime………………at home

13. Syracuse, L at virginia

You lost to Virginia, you dopes.

14. NC State, BYE