ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Power Rankings, Week 8


1. Clemson, W at Miami

I don’t know what you even call what you guys did to Miami. Some sort of reckoning. A biblical movement. I mean, that made folks uncomfortable.

2. Duke, W at Virginia Tech (4OT)

Hey, they can’t all be pretty. Sometimes you’re gonna have a close call.

3. FSU, L at Georgia Tech

I refused to drop you guys because, really, that was rotten luck. And terrible awareness. And tackling. And effort And…

4. UNC, W vs Virgnia

I was waiting the whole time for you guys to really knock Virginia out and it…it never came. And you just called for another penalty.

5. Pitt, W at Syracuse
You barely hung on to beat syracuse, no wonder I have no idea who you guys are.

6. Louisville, W vs Boston College

I thought your defense was good but you gave up 14 points to Boston College. That’s pretty hard, actually.

7. Georgia Tech, W vs FSU

Sunshine! Puppies! Miracles! Drugs!

8. NC State, W at Wake Forest

You won in Winston Salem! Congratulations!

9. Virginia Tech, L vs Duke

Hey, you tried.

10. Miami, L vs Clemson

Woo boy. Not much to say when you get stomped like that and then fire your coach. It all came crumbling down pretty quickly.

11. Boston College, L at Louisville

My kingdom for a(n ACC) victory!

12. Wake Forest, L vs NC State

Take away the first quarter and Wake was right in this one.

13. Syracuse, L vs Pitt


14. Virginia, L at UNC

Four interceptions. Four. 4. Putrid.