ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Power Rankings, Week 9


1. Clemson, W at NC State

It was touch and go there in the early going, but you cats found a way.

2. FSU, W vs Syracuse

Syracuse is a bad team and you guys are a good team, that is my analysis.

3. UNC, W at Pitt

Well, that was certainly a program-turning victory you guys almost tried to bungle away by not scoring a single touchdown in the second half.

4. Duke, L vs Miami

I have no words.

5. Pitt, L vs UNC

By losing to UNC, I’m now obligated to forget that I briefly realized who you were.

6. NC State, L vs Clemson

Hey nice try but that one might have been a little difficult for you.

7. Louisville, W vs Wake Forest

I want to rank you so much lower for almost losing to Wake but the ACC is so damned terrible. Stop being gross.

8. Virginia Tech, W at Boston college

Congratulations! You did a victory! And your coach retired. What the hell is the matter with you guys?

9. Miami, W at Duke

The review is under further review. You jerks.

10. Wake Forest, L vs Louisville

Hey, ya almost pulled it off. Almost. You didn’t. But ya know, you were close.

11. Boston College, L vs Virginia Tech

Just…I don’t even know what to say anymore.

12. Syracuse, L at Florida State

Are y’all still trying?

13. Virginia, W vs Georgia Tech

Hey who here thought Mike London would have more ACC wins than Paul Johnson right now? YOU PUT YOUR HAND DOWN SIR!

14. Georgia Tech, L at Virginia

I am disappoint.