Giftastic Recap of Saturday, 11/12/2016

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Giftastic Recap of Saturday, 11/12/2016

NC State at SyracuseSMU @ ECULouisville @ Wake

NC State @ Syracuse

After the first quarter, Syracuse 7, NC State 0:

McClendon throws an interception in the end zone with State in position to blow the game open in the second quarter:

Instead of 21-10, State goes into halftime leading only 14-10:

A 68-yard pass to Harmon puts State ahead 21-10 in the third quarter:

But State lets Syracuse throw an 81-yard touchdown pass of their own to bring it back to 21-17:

A Syracuse field goal makes it 21-20:

Two Dayes touchdowns later and State wins 35-20:

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ECU opens the scoring with a 7-yard Nelson touchdown:

An SMU field goal and touchdown puts them ahead 10-7 after the first quarter:

The teams trade touchdowns and then an ECU field goal ties it up at 17 halfway through the second quarter:

Then an SMU touchdown, pick-6, and another touchdown makes it 38-17:

ECU manages to score before halftime to make it 38-24:

SMU returns an interception for a touchdown and kicks a field goal in the third quarter to go up 48-24:

Another SMU touchdown followed by a meaningless ECU score and ECU loses, 55-31:

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Louisville @ Wake Forest

Wake forces a fumble and kicks a field goal to go up 3-0:

A Cardinal 3-and-out and Wake adds another field goal to go up 6-0:

Louisville fumbles again and Wake converts another field goal, making it 9-0 in the second quarter and oh my god is this happening?


Louisville finally gets on the board with a field goal before halftime:

A pretty boring third quarter sees Louisville score to make it 12-10 Wake as we move to the fourth quarter:

Wake’s offense in the fourth quarter as they run a total of 14 plays:

The Cardinals score 4 touchdowns and Wake throws a pick 6, making it 44-12, Louisville. Poop.:

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