ACC Power Rankings

Giftasticc ACC Football Power Rankings, Week 13


1. Clemson, W at South Carolina

Don’t let anyone say different. This one was over in the third quarter.

2. UNC, W at NC State

Fast start, then hung on for dear life.

3. FSU, W at Florida

I’m 99% certain what you guys did to Florida was illegal in most states. Not Florida, but most states.

4. Louisville, W vs Kentucky

Maybe start that other quarterback from now on? Maybe? Heck of a comeback, though.

5. Virginia Tech, W at Virginia

Got Frank dropping some sort of version of the dab after going 6-6. Courtesy of The Key Play

6. Pitt, L vs Miami

Guys…guys…come on now. Not a good finish.

7. Miami, W at Pitt

Still no actual coach and maybe that’s what you guys needed all along I have no idea.

8. Virginia, L vs Virginia Tech

You guys had it and then….ya lost it.

9. NC State, L vs North Carolina

Just couldn’t get started, man.

10. Duke, W at Wake Forest

I mean, you won. ‘Tis the season now, though. Basketball season, I mean.

11. Syracuse, W vs Boston College

Way to close it out with a bang, Scott Shafer.

12. Wake, L vs Duke

Let’s try again next year, Wake.

13. Boston College, L at Syracuse

#1 Defense in the media guide. #14523 in most any other metric.

14. Georgia Tech, L vs Georgia