Goodson: This Week in Point Shaving; Week 4

Good Ole Rocky Top woooo
Don’t ever Bet On Meeee……

Not sure if that’s how the song goes, but it rings true after the sketchiness that went on in Gainesville this past Saturday.

“This Week In Point Shaving” takes us to Gainesville, FL as one inexplicable 69 yard touchdown play changed the outcome in BOTH the point spread and over/under. Let’s set the table for you.

This game closed anywhere from Tennessee a 1 point favorite to Florida a 1 point favorite. So if you were sitting on Tennessee -1 or as a pick’em you thought you were looking good in the 4th quarter, even though Butch Jones inexplicably decided to kick an extra point to go up 13 instead of going for two for a 14 point lead. Leading 27-14 and dominating in The Swamp, you are feeling good about your bet. Florida puts together a nice drive to cut the lead to 27-21 with 4 minutes to go.

Let’s now bring in the over/under into this and get really absurd. The o/u was 51. Tennessee goes 3 and out, just trying to waste the clock. Trailing 27-21, facing 4th and 14 from their own 37, Florida throws a 63 YARD TOUCHDOWN with 1:26 to go. The score is now 28-27, an unexpected win for the over. The Tennessee secondary literally had one job. The only thing that beats you is a touchdown and…welp. Of course, Tennessee tries a 55 yard attempt at the horn to win, but after what had happened before you knew this had zero chance on going in.

Recap: if you bet Tennessee as a pick ’em AND the under of 51 you are probably sitting somewhere today staring at a wall. Or doing something obscene on national television.