Goodson: This Week in Point Shaving

While most of you were asleep (well unless you are a degenerate and bet on a game that started at midnight EST), you missed out on the newest edition of “THIS WEEK IN POINT SHAVING”.

We go to Honolulu, Hawaii. The Rainbow Warriors are laying 22 points against FCS level foe. After sleepwalking through the first half, Hawaii scores early in the 4th quarter to make it 33-10. CHA-CHING, the favorite is finally covering. After a UC Davis score to make it 33-17, Hawaii seemingly puts this one to bed with two touchdowns in two minutes to go up 47-17 with less than 8 minutes to go. You have to be feeling good if you took Hawaii -22. You are now possessions up for your cover. UC Davis goes on a nice drive to cut lead to 47-24 with 3:00 min to go.

Now in point shaving you always need a fall guy. A guy that is going to do something inexplicably to help a team lose or gain a backdoor cover. Enter Keelan Ewaliko. As UC Davis kicks off down 23 with 3 minutes remaining, Ewaliko FUMBLES the kickoff. UC Davis now has 1st and goal. You clearly are worried now with Hawaii -22. UC Davis does nothing on the first 3 downs and sit at 4th and goal. Now a team down 23 with nothing to lose would surely just go for the TD right…NOPE. UC Davis lines up for a field goal with 1 min to go (Weird goes for a FG down 23 with nothing to lose. Surely that’s and odd thing to do). Nails it. 47-27. Game over. Hawaii fails to cover -22. Gross.