How To Act At Work

How to Act at Work: January 19th

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Welcome back to work, SC8 viewers. Here’s how you should act today in the office based on how your team did this weekend … through the magic of stock business photos (some including the watermark, get over it).

North Carolina

Go crazy, Tar Heel fans. Coming off of your most successful stretch of the season (a.k.a. three straight Duke losses), today is your day to gloat. Yeah, you didn’t look all that great against NC State, but how ’bout those Devils, right? Oh! And Oklahoma lost last night so you’ll be number one when the next poll hits if you take care of business this week. So make sure to point that out to anyone and everyone, and don’t be afraid to use your middle finger to do it.



“Okay who else wants to talk to me about handshakes or clocks or referees? Nobody? Didn’t think so.”


NC State

It’s going to be a long week for you at the office, State fans. Not only do you have to worry about hearing it from Carolina fans, you’re going to be busy with the rest of #NCStateTwitter complaining about bad calls from the referees … in a game that doesn’t tip off until Saturday. Brace yourselves, winter is coming.


Wake Forest

We’re back.



Okay, full disclosure … she’s sneezing. But it kind of looks like when white people dab anyway, so we’re covered here.



It’s okay, Russell Wilson fan from North Carolina who is just now realizing the error of your ways. I’m sure this comes in adult sizes too.