How To Act At Work

How to Act at Work: October 19th


Living in North Carolina, chances are high that your office is full of Big Four fans. Here’s how you should act around them, depending on which team is yours, through the magic of stock business images.

North Carolina

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.15.14 AM

Today is your day, UNC fan. With Duke and NC State off this weekend, both sets of fans sat at home hoping to see you to lose to Wake Forest, and may have even sent you a text when the Deacs went up 7-0. They’re going to avoid you today, so go seek them out. Maybe get in early and set their home pages to the box score before they log on. Maybe call them at various points of the day to say something like “The Heels just scored again”. Make sure you let everyone know that you’re Tar Heel born and Tar Heel bred, and make them wish you were Tar Heel dead. Shout “TAR” and see who yells back “HEELS”. Nobody is saying a word to you today.

Wake Forest

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There’s really nothing you can do today. Seek each other out and find comfort in your Wake Forest friends around the office. If you have overly aggressive co-workers, put a conversation piece on your desk from 2006 so when someone asks you what it is, you can say “Oh just something to remind me what it’s like for a North Carolina team to win the ACC.”  Maybe go home at lunch.


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Today will not be fun. “We’re ranked 21st in the nation and have won 24 games since 2013. No one’s congratulating me. Why is everyone just giving them the Coastal championship like I don’t even exist? They haven’t even played anybody. Can’t wait until this weekend when they play … oh God they play VIRGINIA??? COME ON!!!” Fight through it, Duke fans.

NC State

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Those days when your team was overrated seem so long ago. Those were the days. You can’t say anything about UNC’s schedule, and you know it. You can’t even play the “weak ass Coastal” card anymore. To top it off, you weren’t even an intern yet the last time NC State won in Winston-Salem, and you KNOW you have to beat Wake by a comparable score this weekend. Just be honest with yourself about your jealousy, and know that how the hype ended for you could end for them too. Just wait it out and hope for the best. Or, I mean, the worst. For them.