How To Act At Work

How to act at work: Week 5

How your team fares over the weekend pretty much defines what you’re going to bring to the table on Monday, so here’s an early look at how your Monday will be … through the magic of stock business photos. We’re hopeful this helps you break down silos when push comes to shove.

Wake Forest

You hung tight with Florida State, which certainly makes a weekend loss a lot more bearable. Plus you get to share stories with co-workers about how awful Florida State fans are, so you’ve got that going for you.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 9.46.07 AM

East Carolina

A win against SMU isn’t much to beat your chest about, but a big win makes your Monday comfortable. No complaining about play-calling or focus, and even though Pitt beat Virginia Tech, Pirate fans can still make claim that the Hokies were in a funk from last weekend’s big game. Enjoy your day.

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21 wins in the last 25 regular season games, so nobody can really tell you anything. Plus there’s nothing more bad-ass than being able to brag about a dominant defense. You’re at the point where you act like you’ve been there before, but smirks are still allowed so you can show people what’s up.

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North Carolina

Coming back from 21-0 to win? Come on. Get out of your cubicle and be seen. Go around and say good morning to everyone. The majority of your conversations on Monday will start with “Did you see that game this weekend?”, and most will be started by you. Be swaggy.

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NC State

Save some gas and work from home. Call in sick if you can. But if you must go into the office, avoid everyone. Today is probably a good day to catch up on work that requires you to shut your office door and set your calls to go straight to voicemail. Your day is probably gong to suck.

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