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INVESTIG8: Online Forum Promotes Ligamenterrorism



On day 2 of ACL Awareness Week, our Investig8 Team turns our attention to shadow organizations who promote violence against ACLs using the internet. While most of these organizations remain underground and hidden from plain site, one prominent website, “Flexbone Association Academy“, distributes their anti-ACL propaganda out in the open where any child or Coastal Division head coach from the state of Georgia could stumble upon its controversial teachings.

According to the website’s promotional materials, Flexbone Association Academy was founded in 2007 by high school football coach Scott Jazdzewski with the mission to “increase the fundamental knowledge and promotion of the flexbone offense in organized football throughout the world.”  Sinister.

Since the Academy’s rise to prominence in 2007, a study performed by the National Athletic’s Trainers’ Association tracked ACL injuries from the first-known appearance of Jazdzewski’s website through 2012 and found that 71.2% of ACL injuries sustained by high school male athletes occurred while playing football. A whopping 61.2% of those ACL injuries were the result of player-to-player contact.

There’s your smoking gun.

While the above information was easily obtained through simple Google search, the Investig8 Team was unable to find any other previous investigative work linking ACL injuries with Jazdzewski’s anti-ACL extremist teachings. The question must be asked … is Jazdzewski the head of the snake, or is there a larger ligamenterrorist organization orchestrating the attack on our knees? The answer was not hard to find.

The team began their search at the popular online platform Vice, a network that earned fame through a critically acclaimed series of investigative journalism. A simple search of “Jazdzewski” led us right back to the suspected leader and revealed the chilling details of a partnership between Vice and Jazdzewski.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 1.50.07 PM

Attempts to contact Jazdzewski were unsuccessful, and the ominous message of “pending staff approval” for access to the website’s online community is proof of how close we are getting.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.15.28 AM

Should you have any information about the spread of option football, please contact our anonymous tip line at 1-888-INV-STG8.

ACL Awareness Week is an annual event held in the Triangle area during the week of the first local game versus Georgia Tech. Please remember to visit our table outside of Wallace Wade Stadium as Duke hosts the Yellow Jackets on Saturday at noon.