A Walk-On in Memphis leads UNC past Kentucky

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Who Won: UNC beats Kentucky, 75-73

Why: Luke MF Maye

GIF: Maye probably will never have to pay to eat in Chapel Hill ever again


What will people be talking about? Luke Maye

What should people be talking about? How UNC called a timeout late that resulted in a UNC 12-0 run and then did NOT call a timeout to set up a final shot and thus we had the Luke Maye buzzer beater. This Roy Williams guy can coach. Weird huh.

What’s next for these teams? UNC advances to the Final Four where they will play Oregon while Kentucky: 

Quote: So salty: 

“8 is wild”: As always we send our guy Hayes Permar to cover games and he is contractually obligated to do a song. He delivered as always.