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North Carolina Sports Spambag: October 9th, 2015

It’s nice to be in contact with our viewers to make sure we’re addressing every topic you want covered relating to sports in North Carolina. For this week, we’ve pulled the very best from our comments section, including the ones caught by our spam filters, along with a few of your questions/suggestions from social media to put together our very first Mailbag segment.

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Thanks for the question, Carol. I completely agree that financial security can really negatively impact motivation. Josh Norman has been incredible for the Panthers this year, and may even wind up as the NFL’s top defensive player on the season. There’s been much talk surrounding the possibility of signing Norman to a long-term deal during the season because each week that goes by, the price tag Carolina must pay gets higher and higher. But like you have found your personal success by sticking to Hatvesu’s Earning Online Strategy, the Panthers have their own strategy. They should stick with it. Ride out Norman’s incredible play for this year, put in a bid at season’s end, and make Norman decide where he’d like to play. If he leaves, rely on your scouting to find a replacement through free agency for 2016.

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Excellent point, Elvia. I definitely agree that the Carolina Hurricanes need to make some significant changes. They’ve kept the same core team with the same key people making decisions behind the scenes, so why should we expect the results to be any different? The stars were mostly invisible last night against the Preds, and sure, it might have been bad ice that caused the equalizer to skip over Jeff Skinner’s stick, but superstars score those kinds of goals. Maybe the Hurricanes need to search Google for someone to replace Eric Staal and Jeff Skinner.

“Marsha” writes: “Depends in part on which datacenter you struck
and which version of maps you look at.”

I’m glad someone mentioned this. ESPN claims their FPI metric is a mathematical way to predict who is most likely to win in a head-to-head matchup, but the only time you ever hear FPI referenced on ESPN is in regards to a power-ranking of sorts where they compare a team’s performance against the “average”. Well, ESPN, USC lost again last night, and they still sit at #4 in your FPI poll. What’s your definition of average anyway? I’m personally sick of all of these advanced statistics that allegedly help us compare teams against each other. Where I’m from, you compare teams on the field, not on a computer. And before you argue that it doesn’t matter and it’s just for fun, it DOES matter. Certain teams from certain conferences are greatly overrated, so when they lose, do they get punished? Nope! The team who beat them gets to now be overrated too! And it definitely impacts voters. Hell, it even impacts recruiting. Then recruiting ratings in turn drive the FPI ratings. It’s all one big set up, so I’m glad you’re questioning the source of the data.

“BlueDevilLair” writes: “Create a bowl game for non-bowl-eligible North Carolina teams?”

Thanks for the demand followed by a question mark. I’m pretty sure non-bowl-eligible teams are perfectly fine heading into the off-season as soon as the last game is over with, but you do raise an interesting proposition. We may have something for you involving the BEST teams in North Carolina, so stay tuned. We think you’ll be happy.