Opening Weekend Recap – 9/5/2016


NC Central at Duke

Duke welcomes the Eagles into the freshly renovated Wallace Wade stadium:

Duke, unfortunately, lost Thomas Sirk before the first game as he re-injured his Achilles:

But that’s OK, because they have Jela Duncan and Daniel Jones who basically set NCCU’s world on fire in the first quarter:

Duke takes a 49-0 lead into halftime:

Duke played their practice squad the rest of the way and won 49-6:

Western Carolina at ECU

The Catamounts come to Greenville to try and tackle the Pirates:

ECU is getting started under former Duke offensive coordinator Scottie Montgomery:

ECU forces an interception and multiple punts to go into halftime up 31-7:

Western Carolina basically quit in the second half and ECU won 52-7:

UNC vs Georgia

UNC looks to follow up on their outstanding 2015 season as they kickoff against the Bulldogs:

Nick Chubb vs the UNC defense:

Mitch Trubisky in prime time as the #1 guy:

UNC regroups and only goes into halftime down 14-10:

UNC returns the second half kickoff for a touchdown to take a 17-14 lead!

TJ Logan scores again to make it 24-14 and oh man:

Except it’s not because UNC commits two pass interference penalties on 3rd downs to allow Georgia to go on and score to make it 24-21:

On its next possession, UNC commits another penalty and Larry Fedora has a flag thrown at/on him. UNC eventually gives up a safety to make 24-23:

Then a Georgia field goal, a UNC 3-and-out, and a 55-yard Nick Chubb run make it 33-24 with 2 minutes to go:

As the clock winds down to a loss for UNC, you realize Elijah Hood only got 10 carries:

UNC, so close to getting out of there with a win, blows a 10-point lead to lose by 9: