Panthers Need Close Game This Week

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While the Panthers took another step towards perfection this past Sunday against the Saints in a close win, another close game this coming week against the Atlanta Falcons is necessary for a Super Bowl.

The Panthers enter this week against the Atlanta Falcons as a 7.5 point favorite. Often we would want nothing more than to absolutely crush the Atlanta Falcons but history tells us that being part of a close 13th game is more important.

Since the 1972 Miami Dolphins, 6 other NFL teams have began the season at 12-0. Below is the 6 teams who started 12-0 and what the point spread was in their 13th game:

– 2011 Green Bay Packers were 11.5 pt faves vs Oakland Raiders. The Packers Covered.
– 2009 Indianapolis Colts were 6.5 pt faves vs Denver Broncos. The Colts Covered.
– 2007 New England Patriots were 10.5 pt faves vs Pittsburgh Steelers. The Patriots Covered.
– 2005 Indianapolis Colts were 7.5 pt faves vs Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts Covered.
– 1998 Denver Broncos were 13.5 pt faves vs Kansas City. The Broncos did NOT Cover.*
– 1985 Chicago Bears were 2 pt faves vs Miami Dolphins. The Bears did NOT Cover.*

*The 4 teams who covered in their 13th game did NOT go on to win the Super Bowl. The 2 teams who failed to cover in their 13th game went on to win the Super Bowl.

So science tells us that if the Panthers fail to cover the 7.5 pt spread on Sunday vs the Atlanta Falcons, then the Lombardi Trophy is coming to Charlotte in February.