Ranking$ $hake Up in Rivalry Week. Who i$ in?

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1. South Florida 10-2 (Covered all november games. quality non cover vs Navy is something that is helping them.)

2. Southern Miss 10-2 (They will look back at the non-cover vs UTEP at home as the one that got away)

3. Oklahoma 9-3 (5-0 ATS record in true road games is something committee love)

4. Ohio 8-4 (HUGE late season cover against #12 Northern Illinois)

5. Temple 9-3 (Not covering against super bad UCF earlier in season is what kept this from being a special season)

6. UVA 8-3-1(6 straight covers. Didn’t cover vs FCS team tho early…See Syracuse too)

7. Toledo 8-2-1 (When you are this good ATS it is no shock that your coach leaves for a better job)

8. Florida State 8-4 (5 straight covers and 6 of last 7)

9. Stanford 8-4 (tough late season non-cover vs ND. Have one more chance to rise in the polls against Southern California)

10. UNC 8-4 (Solid quality road cover vs a rival with a winning ATS record. Non cover vs FCS Delaware is what may do them in. Have one more chance to persuade committee)

11. Ole Miss 8-4 (Solid record but we will remember the back to back NON covers vs SEC East foes Vandy and Florida early in season. Killing resume)

12. NIU 9-3 (Was hottest covering team in country before game vs Ohio. Had covered 7 in a row and looking good for playoff)

13. Syracuse 8-4 (Who fires a coach who is 8-4 ATS)

14. Wash State 9-3 (terrible no cover in rivalry game. Were playoff bound if they covered in Apple Cup.)

15. Ga South 8-3 (4th straight. covering as well as anyone in country. Still 1 game left vs #18 Ga St to boost resume)

16. BYU 8-4 (covered by 20 pts in road finale)

17. Middle Tennessee State 8-4 (Covered all games in November)

18. Ga State 7-3-1 (chance for a huge quality cover in finale against #15 Georgia Southern. have covered every game since Oct 10)

19. Bowling Green 8-3-1 (last cover vs 4-7 ATS Ball State)

20. Northwestern 8-4 (The 4-3 cover record at home is something that they will regret in the offseason)

21. Central Michigan 8-3-1 (didn’t cover in finale vs rivalry 3-8 team ATS)

22. Navy 8-3 (Could have had special season. Not sure how they bounce back vs Army in 2 weeks)

23. Mississippi State 7-5 (Quality Non-Cover in season finale to #11 Ole Miss)

24. Air Force 7-4-1 (Had gone 5 straight games with at least covering or pushing. Inexplicable non cover to new Mexico

25. Florida 7-4-1 (Struggling down stretch with 1-3 record ATS in november)