Rivalries Be Damned, NC Universities are Working Together for Cancer Research. Here’s a way to help…

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Cancer sucks.

That’s not breaking news, but here at SportsChannel8, breaking news isn’t really our specialty anyway. Cancer has affected all of us in some way (probably multiple ways). We’re frightened by it, we’re mad at it, we’re grief-stricken because of it. But we’re also inspired by the people who fight against it and the doctors and researchers who search for a cure every day.

So say it with me… “Cancer sucks.” It’s a little bit cathartic, I guess. I probably have some more “advanced” choice words I’d like to share with Cancer in a more private setting, but no matter what I have to say to Cancer or about Cancer, my words never feel like enough. Actions can be cathartic too, and most of the time, they’re even more impactful.

Looking for an action to take? The 21st Annual Susan G. Komen Triangle Race for the Cure will be at Research Triangle Park on Saturday, May 6.  If you’re so inclined, figure out a way to get involved: Volunteer, participate in the race, or make a donation.

UPDATE: The 22nd Annual Susan G. Komen Triangle Race for the Cure will be at RTP on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

Look, we know Komen is one of countless ways that you can choose to get involved in the fight against cancer. We’re not here to “endorse” one cancer research foundation over others. We’re just here to present an opportunity to take action right here in our backyard next weekend. It’s a great race for a great cause. And just as I’ve been a bit of an “Elon-homer” in my previous posts, I’m a bit of a homer for this particular race too. 

My mom, Pam Kohl, in her Race for the Cure “Survivor” t-shirt.

My mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer eight years ago. After some surgery, a round of radiation, and some endocrine therapy, she was pronounced “cancer-free” about two years later. She was recently re-diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer after six cancer-free years. It’s been a tough few months, so I’m looking forward to the catharsis that will come with attending this race. My mom, Pam Kohl, also happens to be the Executive Director of the Komen Affiliate that covers the Triangle to the Coast. Again, cancer has touched all of us. It sucks. I’m looking forward to attending and “covering” this race on behalf of SportsChannel8, but more importantly, in support of my mom.

Here in North Carolina, we’re blessed with some pretty impressive college athletic programs. You might be reading SportsChannel8 right now because you’re a fan of one of those programs. Something we might take for granted as college sports fans in NC is how blessed we are to live in a region of the country with universities that are also leaders in cancer research. 75% of the Race for the Cure’s net funds stay right here in our community to fund screening and treatment for breast cancer, while 25% goes to life-saving breast cancer research at our local universities. No matter what side of a rivalry you’re loyal to, we can come together to fight against cancer.

Click here if you’re interested in getting involved. Learn more about the race and who it supports, register to participate in the race yourself, and/or sign up to volunteer. Or, if you can’t make it to race day, you can make an online donation. If you’re really looking to go the extra kilometer, donate on my behalf by clicking here and selecting my name (Max Gongaware).

SportsChannel8 is looking forward to seeing you out there!